The status bar provides information about the status of the propagation engine and the 2D View.


There are four toolbars available in CoMan which provide quick access to all frequently needed functionalities. All toolbars can be enabled or disabled by selecting the View menu.

Standard Bar

Table 1. Standard bar.
Icon Description
Create new project
Open project
Save project
Undo command
Redo command
About dialog

View Bar

Table 2. View Bar.
Icon Description
Show/hide rulers.
Zoom in.
Zoom out
Draw zoom window
Adjust zooming to display whole prediction area (only if area prediction is selected)
Adjust zooming to display whole database
Open/Close 3D View
Open/Close Legend View
Open/Close Information View

Edit Bar

Table 3. Edit Bar.
Icon Description
Open Local Settings
Selection Tool
Selection for time stamp to be displayed and considered for computation.
Selection for service to be displayed and considered for computation

Analysis Bar

Table 4. Analysis Bar. 
Icon Description
Object Information Tool
Path Visualization Tool
Threshold Tool
Mouse Meter Tool

Project Bar

Table 5. Project Bar. 
Icon Description
Open System Configuration
Predication Area Tool
Additional Data Tool
Node Insert Tool
Node Delete Tool
Node Move Tool
Node Configuration Tool
Cut selected node(s)
Copy selected node(s)
Paste node(s)
Run Wave Propagation Prediction
Run Network Prediction
Run Connectivity Prediction
Cancel current prediction