Context Menus

Context menus for the 2D View, the Output View, the File Browser as well as for the Legend View provide quick access to frequently needed functions.

The context menus can be reached from the context menu within the corresponding view window. Menu items may be disabled if the corresponding function is currently not available.

Context Menu of 2D View.

Table 1. CoMan 2D view menu.
Menu Item Description
Insert Activate Insert Node Tool
Delete Delete selected node
Move Activate Node Move Tool for selected node
Cut Cut selected node
Copy Copy selected node
Paste Paste node(s)
Properties Open Node Configuration dialog for selected node
Compute Start computation for selected node

Context Menu of Output View

Table 2. CoMan output view menu.
Menu Item Description
Export to ASCII File Write content of Output View to an ASCII file, thus write a log file
Clear Clear content of Output View

Context Menu of File Browser

Table 3. CoMan file browser menu.
Menu Item Description
Update Update content of File Browser
Erase Erase selected files or folders from hard disk
Rename Rename selected file or folder

Context Menu of Legend View

Table 4. CoMan legend view menu.
Menu Item Description
Settings Open Legend Settings dialog

Context Menu of Information View

Table 5. CoMan information view menu.
Menu Item Description
Settings Open Information Settings dialog