CoMan offers the possibility to define standard components, which can be used as templates in different projects.

Component Catalog

The Component Catalog can be opened using the menu Project > Component Catalog. By default, there are three different predefined node types as well as a wireless system. These default entries can be modified, copied or deleted using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the dialog. Further nodes and systems can be added to the component list by selecting the corresponding Add button. After modifications have been done, the catalog should be stored by pressing the Save button in the upper part of the dialog. Already existing Component Catalogs can be loaded using the Load button.

Figure 1. The Component Catalog dialog.
Nodes that have been defined in the Component Catalog can be selected during the insertion of new nodes to the defined simulation environment. Node and system definitions can also be copied from and to the Component Catalog by using the Load Default and Save Default buttons on the Node Configuration dialog or the System tab of the System Configuration dialog, respectively.
Tip: The System Configuration dialog can be opened from Project Parameter > System Configuration.