Command Line

CoMan can be started with additional arguments passed in the command line in order to load and execute existing projects automatically.

The first and minimum required parameter, which has to be passed to the command line, is the path and the name of the CoMan project file to be loaded. Further parameters are optional and can be passed in an arbitrary order.

The basic syntax of the command line mode is as follows:
Coman.exe "C:\CoMan.cpb"
Table 1. Optional command line parameters for CoMan.
Optional Parameters Description
-pa Compute Wave Propagation Prediction (Area Prediction)
-pp Compute Wave Propagation Prediction (Point-to-Point Prediction)
-n Compute Network Prediction
-c Compute Connectivity Prediction
-o “C:\results” Specification of output folder (Output folder defined in the project will be neglected, but not replaced)
-l Write computation log file
-q Close application after task(s) are successfully finished