Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel for ultraFluidX 2022.1 Release Notes


Virtual Wind Tunnel 2022.1 introduces:
  • Arbitrary axis support for section cuts and fans with overset mesh volume.
  • Expanded Python API support for Virtual Wind Tunnel.


Arbitrary Axis Support for Overset Mesh
Fan parts are no longer required to be aligned to primary axes. The axis of rotation is automatically computed. The cylindrical overset mesh volume is now computed with a more robust algorithm and the accuracy of the radius is vastly improved.

Figure 1.
Arbitrary Axis Support for Section Cuts
Section cut plane can also be assigned an arbitrary axis. The plane move tool now supports rotation and the plane edges can be selected to resize.

Figure 2.
Fan Overset Volume Workflow
The Boolean operation from the split intersected parts options and containment check algorithms have been enhanced. This should result in higher quality splits and better containment checks for discrete STL parts. Fan parts that are imported as geometry use a geometry workflow and are not tessellated into STL parts during split operations. This results in a high fidelity representation for geometry parts.
Python API
Virtual Wind Tunnel now supports more features that can be programmed via Python API. Using the VWT Python API simplifies automating a Design of Experiments study. VWT Python API is compatible with and builds on top of the Inspire Python API. Utilize the Inspire API to enhance how you interact with Virtual Wind Tunnel.
Note: The current recommendation is use either the graphical tools or the python API from the Python window to setup a simulation, not both.

Resolved Issues

  • Fan axis accuracy for STL parts has been improved.
  • Fan parts inside an overset volume can now be assigned Surface output and Offset mesh refinement.
  • Containment check works better with non-cylindrical overset volumes and correctly identifies parts.
  • Moment system is correctly exported and imported to and from .xml template files.
  • Passive part definitions are saved correctly in .vwt file.
  • Pop-up warnings for missing parts in template file have been re-enabled.
  • Drop-down menu for monitoring surfaces in the output table view is no longer editable.
  • Units for output interval no longer displays as Hz.