Trac tickets of package Modelica solved for version 3.2.1 build 4

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Component: --MSL-general-- (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1756 Erroneous release notes in MSL3.2.1+build.3 Corrected release notes of build 3 in build 4

Component: C-Sources (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1768 Wrong combiTimeTable output when using fixed time step integrator with time step greater than table resolution Modelica Standard Tables: Fixed the event detection of CombiTimeTable when using a fixed time step integrator with a step size greater than the event resolution of the table

Component: Electrical.Machines (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1753 StrayLoad documentation has questionable reference to IEEE standard Fixed documentation of Electrical.Machines
#1754 Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Utilities.CurrentController typo in documentation Fixed documentation of Electrical.Machines
#1755 Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Utilities.VoltageController: typos in doc strings Fixed documentation of Electrical.Machines
#1783 Modification of final component in Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Interfaces.PartialBasicInductionMachine Fixed modification of final component in PartialBasicInductionMachine and PartialBasicDCMachine

Component: Fluid (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1758 Simulation of HeatExchangerSimulation fails Explained in the release notes of build 4, why Modelica.Fluid is not changed (and pedantic flag should not be activated with Dymola 2016)
#1767 Fluid min attributes for pressure differences Added forgotten "min" attribute for pressure difference..
#1781 Bad start value in SimpleGenericOrifice Replaced wrong start value for SimpleGenericOrifice.zeta_nominal with explicit definition

Component: Magnetic.FundamentalWave (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1760 typo in docstring of SymmetricMultiPhaseWinding Fixed documentation of Modelica.Magnetic.FundamentalWave.BasicMachines.Components.SymmetricMultiPhaseWinding

Component: Media (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1757 Non-backwards compatible model movement in MSL3.2.1+build.3 Added an explanation in the build 4 release notes, why this (minor) non-backwards compatible change was made
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