Package Modelica.​Math.​Random
Library of functions for generating random numbers


This package contains low level functions for the generation of random numbers. Usually, the functions in this package are not used directly, but are utilized as building blocks of higher level functionality.

Package Math.Random.Generators contains various pseudo random number generators. These generators are used in the blocks of package Blocks.Noise to generate reproducible noise signals. Package Math.Random.Utilities contains utility functions for the random number generators, that are usually of no interest for the user (they are, for example, used to implement the blocks in package Blocks.Noise).

Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Contents

ExamplesExamples demonstrating the usage of the functions in package Random
GeneratorsLibrary of functions generating uniform random numbers in the range 0 < random <= 1.0 (with exposed state vectors)
UtilitiesLibrary of utility functions for the Random package (usually of no interest for the user)