Additional Spice parameters

This section explains the basics of adding an Additional Spice parameters in a Spice Block.

The first version of SPICE is originally a text-only interface: SPICE is a rich and robust language capable of setting many parameters as control and model parameters too.

The HyperSpice block library in Activate provides a library of blocks, in which users can set model parameters to partially define the electrical devices.

The Spice language can be used to extend those models: The other model parameters which are supported by Spice but not directly exposed in the block parameters (through the user interface) should be written in the Additional Spice parameters section.


Example: The inductor model.

Let’s consider an inductor named L1 between 2 nodes N1 and N2, having a value of 1 milliHenri and having a current initial condition of 1 milliAmpere.

The Spice syntax is :

L1 N1 N2 1e-3 IC=1e-3 

Within the user interface  (Block parameter dialog), the main parameter (Inductance) can be defined, but the Initial Current parameter can’t be directly set.


 The Additional Spice parameters text entry allows to define the IC parameter as follows:


Please note in the example above, ‘//’ indicates the start of the comment.