class ReleaseNotes "Release notes"
    extends Modelica.Icons.ReleaseNotes;

    annotation (Documentation(info = "<html>\n<h4>Version included in Modelica 3.0</h4>\n<p> See top-level release notes for MSL.</p>\n<h4>Version 1.0, 2005-03-01</h4>\n<p>\nMany improvements in the library, e.g., providing mixtures\nof the ideal gases, table based media, test suite for all media, improved and\nupdated User's Guide.\n</p>\n<h4>Version 0.9, 2004-10-18</h4>\n<ul>\n<li> Changed the redeclaration/extends within packages from the\n     experimental feature to the language keywords introduced\n     in Modelica 2.1.</li>\n<li> Re-introduced package \"Water.SaltWater\" in order to test\n     substance mixtures (this medium model does not describe\n     real mixing of water and salt).</li>\n<li> Started to improve the documentation in\n     Modelica.Media.UsersGuide.MediumDefinition.BasicStructure</li>\n</ul>\n<h4>Version 0.792, 2003-10-28</h4>\n<p>\nThis is the first version made available for the public\nfor the Modelica'2003 conference (for evaluation).\n</p>\n</html>"));
end ReleaseNotes;