record IF97PhaseBoundaryProperties "Thermodynamic base properties on the phase boundary for IF97 steam tables"
    extends Modelica.Icons.Record;

    Boolean region3boundary "True if boundary between 2-phase and region 3";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity R "Specific heat capacity";
    SI.Temperature T "Temperature";
    SI.Density d "Density";
    SI.SpecificEnthalpy h "Specific enthalpy";
    SI.SpecificEntropy s "Specific entropy";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cp "Heat capacity at constant pressure";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cv "Heat capacity at constant volume";
    DerPressureByTemperature dpT "dp/dT derivative of saturation curve";
    DerPressureByTemperature pt "Derivative of pressure w.r.t. temperature";
    DerPressureByDensity pd "Derivative of pressure w.r.t. density";
    Real vt(unit = "m3/(kg.K)") "Derivative of specific volume w.r.t. temperature";
    Real vp(unit = "m3/(kg.Pa)") "Derivative of specific volume w.r.t. pressure";
end IF97PhaseBoundaryProperties;