CAD Geometry Issues

Descriptions of CAD geometry issues that may appear in the Diagnostics table.

Error Description
Not converted The part couldn't be converted from CT to Parasolid, because too many surfaces or curves couldn’t be converted. The Inspire part is created, but it is empty.
Missing faces Some faces couldn't be converted and are missing in the resulting part.
Not solid After being converted to Parasolid, the part is no longer a solid.
Split The resulting Parasolid part is split, because knitting failed partially or completely. The CT part is converted into an assembly; each piece is an Inspire part within this assembly.
Invalid The Parasolid check detected errors in the resulting part. While the geometry may not be a valid Parasolid part, you could still work with it.
Corrupt The Parasolid check detected that the part is corrupt. The resulting Inspire part remains, but it is empty.
Not tessellated Since the part couldn't be tessellated at all, the part is empty.
Partially tessellated Tessellation failed for some faces, which will be deleted.