Application Frontend

Altair Product Integrations

Altair® Panopticon™ technology provides the functionality and the ability to connect to a wide range of streaming data sources, time series databases and regular databases, both on-premises and in the cloud, and display data with interactive information visualization. It empowers users to take control of their data and quickly turn it into actionable information. Updates to data are handled with incredible efficiency.

Stream Processing (Panopticon)

Panopticon stream processing provides a method for tracking and analyzing streams of information leading to useful structured conclusions out of that raw information using as little code as you want.
  • Use applications to transform and join data streams, add calculated columns, execute artificial intelligence models, convert values, and connect to dozens of diverse sources or destinations in real-time
  • Describe how data should be piped, transformed, and processed using a set of inputs, operators, and outputs by designing a directed graph in a graphic user interface
  • Create data sources to be used as inputs or outputs in the application mode
  • Define global parameters to set a value across the whole SmartWorks platform

Real Time Visualization (Panopticon)

With Panopticon you can create dashboards that can show data from all your smart products in real time, and where dashboard graphics update continuously with the incoming sensor data.

You can now easily build an application for your users quickly, and with no code, and:
  • Supporting a wide range of information visualizations, including our well-known Treemaps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plots, Horizon Graphs, and a wide range of other great visualizations designed for fast comprehension and easy interpretation of static, time series, real-time streaming, and historic data sets
  • Creating data tables, apply filters and define actions to process all your data
  • Allowing monitoring many potential elements simultaneously
  • Sharing your workbook with others and define permissions for each user or group

Management tools

Each project is hosted on a different space inside SmartWorks. Spaces are isolated areas for you to build your smart product application. Entities in SmartWorks cannot be seen from one Space to another

To ease the process of developing your smart product ecosystem, the platform offers the following tools:
  • Label entities: enable you to categorize entities into customer defined tags to have a fast comprehension of your digital model. Labels have MQTT credentials which gives them the ability to accomplish a wide range of tasks
  • API Inspector: enables new users to get familiar with and interact with the SmartWorks API structure. Requests can be made through the API Inspector without having to worry about authentication details, as this information is automatically populated
  • MQTT inspector: allows you to see MQTT incoming topics and messages and the format of the data payload. A list of the messages and topics is shown so you will know what topics are available
  • Space details: provides an interface to control resources consumption. Check the limits for the free trial here