Define a Device

Add a Device to the Category

Things represent the entities in your world, for example your computer. You can create a Thing using diverse methods, as highlighted in the image below. You can get more information in Online Help. For this training we will create a Thing by uploading a schema, that is, using Option B highlighted in the image below.

Figure 1. Create a new Thing

Add Thing Properties

Properties define the attributes that should be expected for a given entity in the real world.

To add any additional properties to the ones already provided in the Schema, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Laptop Thing to add Properties.
    The Details tab appears, which includes Overview, Properties, Actions, and Events.
  2. In the Overview panel of a Thing, click the plus icon next to Properties.

    Figure 2.
    The New Property dialog opens.
  3. Set the following:
    1. Property Key: the title of the property
    2. Type
    3. Initial values: optional parameters
    4. Optional Descriptors such as description, unit or type read-only.

    Figure 3. New Property form