AnythingDB Beta

Altair SmartWorks IoT AnythingDB beta enables you to create digital models of the assets that define your smart connected ecosystem.


AnythingDB beta is a flexible, secure database that enables you to create a digital model for a smart connected ecosystem.

It helps capture and access metadata for devices, processes, users, tasks, or any other entity considered in your application.

AnythingDB beta follows the Web of Things (WoT) standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the interoperability of different IoT platforms and application domains.

AnythingDB beta contains following features:

  1. Every Thing: enables you to define the entities in the smart connected ecosystem
  2. Models: templates to ease the process of defining new Things
  3. Structure: group your Assets (Things) in a logical way and define relations between them
  4. Custom Queries: perform custom queries in your database

Comparison from the Original AnythingDB

Main changes from the previous DB:

No longer need to belong to Categories
Can belong to multiple categories but just ONE of those categories can have a Model or Model + Version assigned
Properties History
The previous data history is replaced by the properties-history. Before, the data history allowed you to send data in any format but to make it consistent with the W3C and to make us of all the new capabilities of the new Database, we have transformed it to the Properties-History. With this new implementation you can now easily access the historical data for specific properties as well as filtering by a chosen date range
Belong to the Space, not to specific Categories
Can be applied to multiple Categories or Things
Can be defined:
  • Without a Model assigned: you can group Things with different schemas
  • With a Model assigned: you can group Things with the same Model but different Versions of this Model
  • With a Model and a specific Version assigned: you can group Things with a specific Model and Version
Can have links to other Categories, to establish relationships between the Things inside those Categories linked.
Watch the video below for more information about AnythingDB:
Figure 1.

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