Altair HyperView Player TM 

Altair HyperView Player Overview

Altair HyperView PlayerTM enables you to visualize 3D CAE models and results generated from HyperWorks. To greatly increase usability, HyperView Player includes a web browser viewer, and a standalone executable for both PC and UNIX. It provides a collaborative solution for enterprise-wide product data visualization throughout your design process.

HyperView Player enables CAE engineers to communicate analytical results effectively with engineers of multiple disciplines, and improve product design during the development process. Using product data in Altair proprietary compact file format, H3D, HyperView Player makes it easy to share product information among analysts, testing engineers, toolmakers, product design engineers, and product managers.

HyperView Player also allows professionals in sales, marketing, finance, publications, and engineering to create information-rich 3D multimedia presentations, proposals, project reports, and web pages. The PC version of HyperView Player is available as a free download on Altair's web site at Both PC and UNIX versions are also available on the HyperWorks CD.

Benefits of HyperView Player

Adds value for HyperWorks users

You can create H3D files directly from HyperWorks applications such as Altair HyperMesh, Altair HyperView, Altair MotionView ,and Altair OptiStruct.  These highly compacted data files allow you to distribute engineering information effectively through the Internet.

Develop winning products by involving CAE simulation at an earlier stage

Early input from CAE simulation results reduces the cost for prototyping and testing. With its easy-to-use interface, HyperView Player does not require special training. After installing HyperView Player, design  engineers or product managers, who are not familiar with full-scale pre- and post-processors, can quickly visualize 3D product data, and make more informed decisions regarding product development.

Reduce time-to-market by communicating effectively within distributed product teams

Embedding 3D product data in proposals and presentations enables product information to be distributed throughout an enterprise network. HyperView Player allows your partners or customers who do not have HyperMesh, HyperView, or other pre- and post-processors to visualize CAE results from remote sites. This collaborative effort leads to more effective communication between all session participants, and saves travel and meeting time costs.

HyperView Player Features


HyperView Player allows you to play the animation forward, backward, and at various speeds. A slider bar enables you to control the model in a given time step.

Model manipulation

HyperView Player provides intuitive control functions that allow you to change model views. The functions include Circle zoom, Translate, Pick center, Arc ball, Tumble, and Vertical zoom. A default option in the View selection menu restores the default view set by the author.

Display control

When you create an H3D file from HyperView, it captures the model information displayed on the screen preserving the author's views. The stored view can be replayed during the viewing using the Display Control panel. For example, if you are viewing deformed shape, iso-value, and vector plots of a model in HyperView, you can save an H3D file with this information as a default setting. When you load the file in HyperView Player, the image displays your original viewpoint. You can rotate, or zoom in and out on the model to review the results, and go back to the default view when necessary.

Web browser viewer and standalone program

The HyperView Player web browser viewer uses Microsoft ActiveX controls for PC, and Netscape Plug-in technology for UNIX. You can embed the viewer in an HTML document for presentation or engineering reports. Simulation results can be sent by e-mail, or placed on the data server for others to open and review. Using the web browser on PC, you can display H3D data in either instant 3D viewing, or 2D preview image that is stored in the h3d file for quick data loading through the Internet. On UNIX, only 2D image viewing is available. By clicking on the 2D image, you can invoke the standalone program for detailed study on an enlarged model.

For more detailed release information, refer to the HyperView Player 6.0 Release Notes in the on-line help by clicking the Altair Logo on the HyperView Player menu.

Supported browsers and platforms


Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and later versions

Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP and NT



Netscape Communicator 4.7x (version 6.x and 7.x are not supported at this time)

IRIX 6.5.11, 6.5.13, HP-UX 11.0, SOLARIS 2.7, 2.8, IBM 4.3.3, 5.1


Technical Support

For questions regarding HyperView Player, contact technical support via email or phone.

Phone: 1-248-614-2400 (U.S.A.)