Create and Assign Variables

Variables can be created in three ways.

Edit Task, Variables

This is the recommended way of creating and assigning variables.

Create and assign variables at the definition of the task itself. That is, all inputs required to run the task and all outputs which are being generated.

Figure 1.

Variable Browser

The Variable Browser is mainly used to monitor and review the dataflow between multiple tasks in a process. However, you can create and assign variables from here as well.

Figure 2.


A variable created through the ribbon will not be assigned to a task. You can easily assign an unassigned variable through the Variable Browser or Edit Task dialog.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.
Tip: In a true modularized process all tasks should be able to run on their own.

If a variable is used/generated in a task it is recommended it is assigned to that task. Only assigned variables will get exported to library.

If required input is not available, you should be prompted to enter it. A user input variable can be mapped to and controlled by other variables. See Map Dataflow.