Part Search

Search parts registered in the PollEx UDE System and review part details.

Figure 1.
  • Insert selected part to schematic design (Part Insert)
    • Click Insert to place the selected part into the ECAD circuit design drawing.
    • ECAD Tool must be installed to use this interface and this function is available according to the ECAD tool.

    Figure 2.
  • Using the Insert function, you can add (place) the selected part to a Schematic ECAD drawing directly. (This function is available according to the CAD tool.)
  • If a part is locked, the Insert function will be in lock mode to prevent using parts that are difficult to supply and demand on designing.


Search functions to find parts.

Figure 3.
  • Search All:
    • You can search parts with some of the information in part properties as a keyword.
    • Example: TEST* (Search for strings starting with TEST), *TEST* (Search for strings containing TEST), or *TEST (Search string ending with TEST)
  • Advanced search:
    • You can search by the values of each property.
    • Detailed search finds parts that satisfy all entry values entered with the ‘And’ condition.

Part Detailed Information

  • Part detailed information: Click the CPN (Company Part No.) on the list to display the detail information.

    Figure 4.
    • Part Information
    • Library Information
    • Part History
    • Level
    • Alternative Part
    • Usage