Edit Variant BOM

If there are variants, you can add variant BOMs using Variant > Add variant BOM.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Add Variant BOM

You can add variant BOM by entering derived no. and variable name.

Figure 3.
When a BOM is created, the derivation is added under the project and the derivation list is added to the BOM list.

Figure 4.

Variant Change

Change the variant information.

Figure 5.

Delete Variant

Delete the selected variant.

Figure 6.

Separate Variant

Create a new design project with a selected variant BOM as the master BOM. The new design project is created with the information based on the current project.

Figure 7.

The variant name becomes the new design project name.

Figure 8.

Confirm Variant

After editing the variant BOM, select Confirm Variant > Confirmation to confirm.

Figure 9.