Default Setting

  1. Remove UDMS data: Using this menu, the administrator can remove all UDMS data.
    Note: Data cannot be restored once removed.
  2. Design process setting criteria: When registering a design project, set the process settings as design classification or progress step.
  3. Using approval process in design project: Set additional options for approval process when creating a design project.
  4. Download schematic data while PCB check out: Specify whether to download schematic design data stored in the server when PCB check-in.
  5. Creating Gerber PDF: Set whether to create gerber PDF files.
  6. Use Revise Option Change: Set whether to use project revision information entered by system manager.
    Revision information cannot be transferred automatically, you must enter revision information.
  7. Use stack-up: Set whether to use stack-up data created by UDMS.
  8. Update the last UPF When verification is run: Set whether to use the library created for each design project or the library registered in the server.
    Part libraries are needed to run automated verification.
  9. Using the save automatic running process: Set a function to automatically verify using an external verification tool when a design is checked-in.
  10. Part list generation file type: Set the generated part list file type when design is checked in.