Set up the E-CAD database to link with UDE.

You can set up the E-CAD database link for each part.

  1. Setting E-CAD DB: Set up the E-CAD database information.
    1. Option to use E-CAD DB: Specify the E-CAD database connection keyword setting. Class: Set part class to keyword. Common: Set common information to keyword.
    2. Database type: Specify the E-CAD database type.
    3. Database server IP: Specify the IP address of the database server.
    4. Server Port: Specify the port number of the database communication.
    5. Database Name: Specify the database name.
    6. Account ID: Specify th e account ID of the database.
    7. Account Password: Specify the password of the database account.
    8. Save: Save the current setting.
  2. E-CAD DB Mapping Template: Set up the template for mapping database.
    1. Add: Add a new design process which will be used in UDE system.
      You can specify the design process code and name.
    2. Delete: Delete the selected design process.
      Note: Deleted design processes cannot be restored after permanent deletion.
    3. Permanent Deletion: Delete the selected design process permanently.
    4. Restore: Restore selected hidden design processes.
      The Hidden status changes to N after design processes are restored.
    5. Content order: Change the display order of the design processes. After specifying the order of the design processes, click Content Order to apply.
  3. Setting E-CAD Mapping: Set up the E-CAD link information.
    1. Template/E-CAD DB Table: Select database mapping criteria.
    2. Template: Use template for mapping database.
    3. E-CAD DB Table: Use E-CAD database table for mapping database.
    4. Add: Add a database mapping item.
    5. Delete: Delete the selected database mapping item.
    6. Save: Save current settings.