Trace to Trace

Detect the minimum distance between the traces of the specified layer.

  • Checking: Detect the smallest distance region between objects on certain layers.
    • Select Solder Mask Layer: Define the solder mask layer to be used for solder mask overlapping with object. To define solder mask layer, select a layer from the layer list.
    • Define the Number of Result Display: For the same type fails, limit the number of fail results to be shown.
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Check Layer: Select target objects exist.
    • Attribute (For Exception): Among target objects, objects with certain properties will be excluded in checking. Upon double-clicking column, the properties list will appear. Among properties, select properties, to be used for exception for objects.
    • SR Open (For Exception): If target objects overlap with given solder mask layer’s object, they will be excluded in checking.

      Figure 1.