Circuit Group Type Setup

Generate circuit in the similar method as Net Group Type setup.

  • Add Groups: Enter a group number and click Add Groups to make the necessary number of circuit groups.
There are two methods to generate circuit groups: by defining Circuit and by importing predefined DB file. Using the Circuit method, you can add circuits into a circuit group with Set Circuit Group Contents menu. You can save circuit group contents into a DB file with Save To Circuit DB File or import them with Select Circuit DB File.
  • Set Circuit Group Contents: Make filter circuits.

    Figure 1.
    • For Type, select Circuit.
    • Click Filter/DB Path column and then select Set Circuit Group Contents to open the Circuit Structure Setup dialog.
    In order to create the circuit group, the required component group and net group should be defined.
    • In the dialog, use the 1st Component column to define Resistor type component.
    • Use the Connected 2nd Comp column to define Capacitor type component.
    • Use the 2nd End Net column to define net connected to Capacitor.
    • Use the 1st End Net column to define net connected to Resistor.
  • Save To Circuit DB File: Save Circuit Group Contents to a DB file with a file extension, .cdbb.
  • Select Circuit DB file: Import a DB file with a file extension .cdbb.
  • Delete Selected Circuit Group Item: Delete the selected circuit groups.