Launch the PollEx Technical Cleanliness (TC).

From the menu bar, click Options > Technical Cleanliness.

Figure 1.
Technical Cleanliness has the following options:
  • Input - Sets Technical cleanliness input parameter.
    • Constraints: This option is available in the Input menu that sets net requirements.
  • Result - Reviews and reports of the analyzed input parameters.

The PollEx TC main dialog window displays the Input and Constraints tab.

The Input tab displays:

Figure 2.
The Constraints tab displays:

Figure 3.
Both the Input and Constraint tab have the following options:
  • Save: Saves the current input parameters into a *.teci file.
  • Save as: Saves the current input parameters into a *.teci file with a different name.
  • Load: Loads saved *.teci file.
  • Start: Begins the analysis of the input parameters.