Excel Format

Set the default PollEx BOM usage environment.

The rules of generating the BOM data for each user or company is different. PollEx CP has been set based on the Ref Name for comparison of PCB / LOGIC / BOM. You can use the PollEx CP by changing the Excel Format in the Excel Format Setup dialog.

Excel Format Setup

  1. In the Tool menu, click Excel Format.

    Figure 1.
  2. Reference Name and Set As Reference in Column Style boxes, as shown in the figure, mean the same column each other. The figure above, there are six columns.
  3. If you look at the contents of the drop-down menu, some of the items have been defined. If you do not define a name, select one of the items of the Set As String 1 to 3. You can change the title.

    Figure 2.
  4. For each column(Column Style), you will select one by one in the dialog. If there is data that you want to delete, select Delete to change the Format.
  5. Delimiter and Connecter are functions that are used to separate one by one when some information is written in the cell. Delimiter is used when it is one by one segment. Connector is used to distinguish one by one when it is used in the bundle (For example, C1-C10). Delimiter is entering, (comma), in the case of Connector is entering - (dash).
  6. After you have saved the set-up file that has been set in this way (*.EBI), you will be able to use it again. To convert the Format, click Apply.

    Figure 3.

    Figure 4.
  7. In case of mounting verification, set the reformat to get only parts for mounting verification. The default is set to Set as Valid Parameter, so only the items which have a value matched in the defined column remain. If you select Set as Alternative the presence or absence of alternative parts are confirmed. Alternative parts are looking for a reference name like this part. You can see the part name of alternative parts.