Altair® Panopticon


Adding a Filter Operator

Used to filter a data source based on a predicate.


1.    On the Application page, click  and select Filter  in the Add Operator pane.

The Filter node  icon displays in the Graph pane, as well as the properties to be defined in the Operator Settings pane, and the preview of the data in the Schema pane.

This operator has left (inbound) and right (outbound) edges that allow connection to other operators in the application.


2.    In the Operator Settings pane, define or select the following required properties:



Node ID

The ID of the filter operator.


Automatically connects to the currently-selected operator.

You can select another ID of the operator that will be the source of the data in the Inputs drop-down list.

The preview of the data (INPUT/OUTPUT) is displayed in the Schema pane.


Determines whether the input record will be included or excluded. The records that will not match the predicate will be filtered out and will not be part of the output result.



3.    Save the changes.



<filter> <id>Filter</id> <!-- One_Day_Change >= 0 --> <predicate>One_Day_Change >= 0</predicate> </filter>