Altair® Panopticon


Create Task to Clear and Import Data Table to Data Store

Allows you to clear the earlier imported data and import again to the data store.


1.      On the New Task pane, enter the Name of the task. Ensure the name is unique.

2.      Tap the Activated slider to turn it on.

3.      Select the Trigger. You can either select:

·        Period then enter the Interval (in seconds), or


·        CRON then enter the CRON Expression.


4.      Select the task Type: Data Store – Clear and Import.

5.      Enter the Description of the task.

6.      Select the Data Table Name that will be cleared in the data store and imported again.

7.      Click .

·        Once saved, you can opt to click  to manually run the task.

·        Click  to go back to the Tasks pane. The new task is added in the list.