Altair® Panopticon


[9] Webhooks


A webhook is a special URL that makes it possible to send a message from other systems into the system that  issued the webhook. Webhook URLs should be treated with care and not shared publicly, since anyone with knowledge about the webhook URL will be able to use it.

Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and many others, all have support for creating incoming webhooks. In Panopticon, outgoing webhooks can be added (based on incoming webhook URLs from other systems) and used as a channel for sending messages about triggered alerts, like how such messages can also be sent by email. Webhooks added to Panopticon are stored in the server folder structure and are subject to the same permissions model as workbooks.

An outgoing webhook in Panopticon can be used as the message channel for multiple different alerts in multiple different workbooks, due to the parameterization of the webhook request body. The exact structure and content that you should create in the request body of a webhook will be specified in the documentation of the system that issued the webhook.



Do not expect that the example request body shown below, will work as is.


Starting with version 21.1, users with a Designer role can create and manage webhooks.




Search Webhooks

Entering text will filter the webhooks.


Allows copying, moving, and removing of webhooks.

Also, to display the webhooks list either on List View or Grid View.

Create Webhooks

Allows creating new webhooks.

Webhooks Context Menu

Allows renaming, moving, copying, deleting, and enabling of the trigger of webhooks.