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Upgrading Legacy MS Excel XLSX Data Source to the new MS Excel (xlsx) Connector


The upgrade is only available for MS Excel data sources that are not:

q  Using a Range since MS Excel (xlsx) only supports selection of a sheet.

q  Using password protection.



1.     On the Workbooks and Folders Summary page, click a legacy workbook with an MS Excel XLSX connector data source.

The workbook is displayed on the Open Workbook in Edit View layout.

2.     Do one of the following:

·      Click Edit Data Table  to open the Edit Data Table Wizard, or


·         Click Workbook Data Table Editor to open the Workbook Internal Data Table Editor view.


3.     click .

The settings are now displayed on the MS Excel (xlsx) connector panel.

On the Edit Data Table Wizard:


On the Data Table Editor view:


See  Connector for MS Excel (xlsx)  to make the necessary changes.