Altair® Panopticon


Connector for Altair IoT Studio Write

The Altair IoT Studio Write connector allows calling PUT/POST/DELETE requests to IoT Studio services for write back scenarios. A typical use case is to add or update records in AnythingDB from Panopticon. Since this connector is not for reading data, a successful service call will only return a data table with one column called Result with Success as value.



The Token URL is not visible in the connector. You can set the server-wide token URL in the “connector.oauth.tokenurl” property in the file.


1.     Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, Grant Type, and Scope to connect to Altair IoT Studio Write.

The Panopticon server builds up the request body formatted as application/x-www-form-urlencoded from these four fields.

2.     Enter the URL that accepts PUT/POST/DELETE request.

For example:

3.     Specify the appropriate HTTP Method for the request from the following options:


·         POST – Add new data.

·         PUT – Replace existing data.

·         DELETE – Remove existing data.

4.      Enter custom Request Headers which enable connection to the API of AnythingDB.

5.     Enter the Request Body for the HTTP POST/PUT.

6.      Click  to call the service.



Use PUT requests carefully to avoid duplicate entries since each data call to this connector will trigger a service call.