Altair® Panopticon


[11] Panopticon Resources


Clicking the user icon  on the top right section of the toolbar displays the other Panopticon online resources that users with a Designer role can access.




Select the Language on the drop-down list: English or Japanese




Visualization Guide

Guide to the supported Panopticon visualizations.

Web Authoring Quick Start Guide

Panopticon Web Authoring Quick Start Guide. Available upon installation.

Web Authoring Guide

Panopticon Web Authoring Guide which consists of:

·         creating and managing of data tables.

·         building and viewing of workbooks.

·         creating and managing global parameters and alerts.

Available upon installation.

Analyst Client User Guide

Panopticon Real Time documentation for users with a Viewer role which consists of:

·         viewing and analysing of workbooks

·         creating, monitoring, and deleting of alerts

Available upon installation.

User Community

Link to the Panopticon User Community page.

Data Analytics Documentation

Link to the Altair Data Analytics Documentation page.