Altair® Panopticon


Example Use Cases and Sample Dashboards

This section of example workbooks includes:

Sample Workbook


Bond Maturity Screening

Bond universe selection and screening.

Displaying Spreads

Spread calculation on selected instruments.

Equity Analysis

Equity portfolio selection and screening.

Equity Universe Screening

Equity universe selection and screening.

GDP Per Capita

Data displayed as a hierarchy (Treemap), Map with scatter points and Choropleth, with each visual emphasizing different aspects of the dataset.

Nano Executions

Nanosecond accuracy executions.


Olympic medals by country, across time.

Order Book

Equity order book imbalance across the S&P 500.

Portfolio Performance

Equity portfolio performance across time, including the playback of performance at each time slice across the 15-month time window.

Shopping Basket Analysis

The display of shopping baskets, constituent products, and the correlation of product purchases based on these baskets. The co-occurrence of products in a basket is demonstrated through use of a self-inner join in the underlying data table.

Supermarket Sales Summary

Supermarket sales and revenues against the target.

US Border Crossings

Periodicity in US border crossings by crossing point.

US Treasury Yield Curves

Demonstrates the manual axis tick marks, time series calculations, Scatter Plot reference lines based off a time series, and the time surface across the last two years.