Altair® Panopticon


[8] Data Extracts


One of the methods in accessing data is by retrieving only the required results into memory, by querying on demand, pushing aggregation and filtering tasks to underlying big data repositories, or queryable data extracts.

This is commonly known as a ROLAP implementation, where the product is dynamically writing data queries to the underlying data repository and retrieving aggregated and filtered datasets. Given the on-demand nature of this method it is more suitable to exploratory data analysis but requires dynamic query generation.

Starting with version 21.0, users with a Designer role can create and manage data extracts.






List of folders where data extracts can be created, uploaded, moved, or copied.

Folder Context Menu

Allows uploading of data extracts to folders

Search Data Extract

Entering text will filter the returned data extracts.


Allows copying, moving, and removing of data extracts.

Also, to display the data extracts list either on List View or Grid View.

Create Data Extract

Allows creating a new data extract.

Folders List

Available folders on List View.

Data Extract Context Menu

Allows renaming, moving, copying, deleting, and downloading of data extracts. Also, viewing of workbook usages and refreshing of data extract.