Altair® Panopticon


Creating a New Single Color Palette In a Workbook


These are the single colors that will be shared in a workbook for:

q  records in Table and Record visualizations for the background, text, or shape

q  visual members in Combination visualizations for the background or text

Light and medium single color palettes are provided in Panopticon Real Time, but you can also add new ones.


1.     On the Single section, click the Add Palette  icon.

The Next Single Palette dialog displays.


2.     Enter the Title then click .

3.     To set the Palette, you can do one of the following:

·        Click the Color box to display the Color dialog and set the Hex color code, RGB, or HSL value

·        Enter the Hex color code

·        Enter the HTML color name   


4.     Click .

The new text color palette is added in the list (e.g., Medium Yellow). Note that it is already included and can be modified, duplicated, and deleted.