Altair® Panopticon


Creating a New Shape Palette


1.     Click Add Palette .

A new shape palette displays (i.e., ShapePalette.0).


2.     Click ShapePalette.<Number>.

The page changes to allow the definition of the new shape palette.


3.     Enter the shape palette Title and click .

4.     To make this shape palette the default for the workbook theme, tap the Default Palette slider to turn it on.



The default shape palette can not be deleted.


5.     To add the shapes, click .


You can either:

·         click on a shape.

·         click . Select one or more SVG files in the Open dialog box that displays.

The added shapes are displayed.

 To delete a shape, click it’s corresponding Delete icon.

6.     Select the Default Shape in the drop-down list.

7.     Click the Save .