Altair® Panopticon


Connector for Elasticsearch 6.x

The Elasticsearch 6.x connector allows you to connect and access data from an Elasticsearch cluster using Transport Client.



·           To enable the Elasticsearch 6.x connector, refer to Elasticsearch Connectors Dependency Installation for more information on how to copy the provided dependency files to the Lib folder.

·           The Elasticsearch 6.x connector supports Elasticsearch 6.x versions.

·           Elasticsearch 6.x and Elasticsearch 7.x connectors will not work in a single Panopticon Real Time instance due to conflicting Elasticsearch API dependencies.




1.     Enter the following information:




The hostname of any node in your Elasticsearch cluster, or localhost for a node on your local machine.


The port running the Elasticsearch HTTP service (default is 9300). If the port you wish to use is different from the default port, change the value to the correct one.

Cluster Name

The cluster name that can be used to discover and auto-join nodes.

Index Name

The Index name in Elasticsearch. This is some type of data organization mechanism that allows partition of data in a certain way.


2.     Enter an optional JSON-encoded request body in the Query box.