Altair® Panopticon


3D Scatter Plot Settings

3D Scatter Plots are a 3D perspective version of the 2D Scatter Plot. They provide a clearer understanding of physical shapes in a 3D space. The Scatter Plot 3D is made up of a series of points where each point has X Position, Y Position and Z Position.

In addition, items can be sized by numeric data values, and colored by numeric or text data values. Items can also be shown as different shapes – either standard shapes available in Panopticon or custom shapes that you add to a custom shape palette.

The 3D Scatter Plot settings pane is displayed after clicking the Options  button.




Show Borders

Determines whether borders are visible around each scatter point.

Show Labels

Determines whether labels will be displayed. If enabled, select how scatter point labels are shown:

·         Distinguishable

·         All

Min Radius

The minimum radius in pixels of the scatter point.

Max Radius

The maximum radius in pixels of the scatter point.

Show Axes

Determines whether axes are displayed.

Show Axes Titles

Determines whether axes titles are displayed.

Show Ground Plane

Determines whether the ground plane is displayed.