Altair® Panopticon


Drilling into Visualizations

Visualizations themselves can be used to drill into lower or upper details by selecting items, and right-clicking to display the context menu with three options:

q  Drill Down – Drills down to the lower level of the selected value.



Drilling without filter (or soft drill) is turned on for all aggregates that refer to:

·         Nodes above the node like the parent or root

·         Siblings of the node

Applicable to the following aggregates in the Aggregate drop-down list:

·         Sibling Rank

·         Percent of Total

·         Percent of Total Reference

·         Percent of Parent

·         Percent of Parent Reference

·         Percent of Total Change

·         Cumulative Sum

·         Cumulative Sum By Max


q  Drill Up – Enabled when the lower level of the selected item is displayed. Click to drill to the upper level.

q  Drill to Top – Drills to the top level of the selected value.


Drilling into visualizations can also be done by double-clicking on a value. Refer to Double Click Mode Options for more information.