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Adding an Iframe Part

The Iframe Part allows a web page to be displayed within a dashboard or page.


1.     After double-clicking or drawing a rectangle on the dashboard canvas, click   on the Select Part pane then click the Iframe  icon.

The Iframe pane is displayed, and the Iframe part is added on the dashboard canvas.


2.     Enter the URL of the page you want to embed in the dashboard.

3.      Enable Scrollbars is enabled by default. Tap the slider to disable.


This change will be displayed in the View mode.


4.     To set the style of the Text Label, click Style .

The page updates to display the Style pane.



5.     See Defining the Style of General Parts to set the style.  

6     Click Update Style  and select any of the following options:

·         Set current as default – Save the changes and set it as the default.

·         Create custom style – Save the changes and set it as a custom style.

The Style pane updates to display the Title control.

¨        Enter the custom style Title.

¨        If there are additional changes made, click Update Current Style in the Update Style drop-down.

The new custom style is added in the Workbook > Theme > Custom Styles list.

If published, the custom style configuration of the text label will be added to the Global custom styles list and can be applied to other parts.

·         Reset to default – Revert to the original default settings.

10.     Click the Save  icon on the toolbar to save the changes.

When saved, the  notification is displayed.