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Adding a Numeric Action Slider


The Numeric Action Slider allows the entry of a numeric parameter.

Whenever the slider value is changed, the associated action is executed.


1.     After double-clicking or drawing a rectangle on the dashboard canvas, click  on the Select Part pane then click the Numeric Action Slider  icon.

The Numeric Action Slider pane is displayed, and the Numeric Action Slider part is added on the dashboard canvas.

For this example, the following parameters are defined:

Parameter Name


Default Value




Slider Value




These parameters are used on the Title of the Line graph (e.g., Price History for {Ticker} with Slider Value = {Slider Value:0.00%}).


2.     The numeric action slider can be configured to either be a Standalone or a Form component.

When set to Form, the numeric action slider can be connected to any form controller on the same dashboard. The parameters that the action part can set depends on how the form is configured.



An action form part must be defined first to associate the numeric action slider as a component. Refer to Adding an Action Form more information.


A line connects the component to the associated form.


If the numeric action slider should not be connected to a form, it can be set to Standalone instead. Select the Target Parameter that will be updated by this action part.


3.     Enter the Title of the numeric action slider.

Otherwise, if left blank, the title of the control will be Set <Target Parameter>.

4.     Select the Label Position: Left or Top.

5.     Select the Label Width:

·         Auto, or

·   Fixed then enter the width (default is 15).

6.     You can opt to enter the allowed Minimum and Maximum values.

7.     Enter the Format that the numeric value will be displayed.

8.     Tap the Display in PDF slider to turn it on and include the numeric action slider in the PDF output.

9.     To set the style of the Numeric Action Slider, click Style .

The page updates to display the Style pane.


See Defining the Style of General Parts for more information.

10.     Click Update Style  and select any of the following options:

·         Set current as default – Save the changes and set it as the default.

·         Create custom style – Save the changes and set it as a custom style.

The Style pane updates to display the Title control.


¨        Enter the custom style Title.

¨        If there are additional changes made, click Update Current Style in the Update Style drop-down.

The new custom style is added in the Workbook > Theme > Custom Styles list.


If published, the custom style configuration of the Numeric Action Slider will be added to the Global custom styles list and can be applied to other parts.

·         Reset to default – Revert to the original default settings.

11.     Click the Save  icon on the toolbar to save the changes.

When saved, the  notification is displayed.