Altair® Panopticon


Time series Visualization Settings

Candle Stick Graph Settings

Candle stick graphs are a traditional financial visualization for display of time-based price distributions. Specifically, for each time slice, they display:

q  Opening Price

q  Highest Price

q  Lowest Price

q  Closing Price

The Candle is filled if the closing price is lower than the open and empty if the closing price is higher than the open.

The vertical line (or candle wick) displays the range of traded prices across the period.

The candle stick graph settings pane is displayed after clicking the Options  button.




Body Thickness

Specifies the width in pixels of the Candlestick Body.

Wick Thickness

Specifies the width in pixels of the Candlestick Wick.

Show Coordinates

Determines whether the graph coordinates (i.e., X-Y plots, or Date/Time-Y plots) on mouse over are displayed in the visualization.


Other visualization-specific properties can be set by clicking on the Y-Axis variable drop area and then selecting the Y-Axis tab:




Independent Y-Axis Scaling

Determines whether to have each visualization Y-axis in a cross tab automatically scaled independent of the others.