Altair® Panopticon


Surface Plot Settings

Surface Plots are used to identify trends and outliers within numeric surfaces.

The Surface is made up of a series of points where each point has:

q  X Position

q  Y Position

q  Color (which represents the Z axis).

The Surface Plot can support data sets where the X and Y positions can both be regular and irregular in their distribution.

Additionally, the color scale can be continuous or stepped to show a surface gradient.

The surface plot settings pane is displayed after clicking the Options  button.




Show Points

Determines whether surface data points are shown.

Rectilinear Grid

Determines whether distinct X and Y values are changed into a rectilinear grid where missing values are filled in with a default of zero (or the ground level).

Show Coordinates

Determines whether the graph coordinates (i.e., X-Y plots, or Date/Time-Y plots) on mouse over are displayed in the visualization.


Other visualization-specific properties can be set by clicking on the X-Axis variable drop area and then selecting the X-Axis tab:


Or also, by clicking on the Y-Axis variable drop area and then selecting the Y-Axis tab: