Altair® Panopticon


Map Plot Settings

Use Map Plots to display geographic data, where you have longitudes and latitudes associated with individual data points.  These plots clearly show data correlations and clustering that is geographic in nature.

In a Map Plot, the visualization expects Latitude and Longitude measures to be associated.  It will then retrieve from the selected map tile provider the appropriate background map to display under the data points.  This background map is constructed by retrieving individual map tiles at set zoom levels.

As the background map is provided automatically, it relies on:

q  A range of supplied longitudes & latitudes to provide a bounding area

q  An active Internet connection to retrieve the map tile images

Panopticon ships with a number of cross reference datasets to determine the appropriate latitude/longitude for datasets.  These have been provided through subsets of the data available at ( )

More detailed geo-coding data is available from this website, and many others.

The map plot settings pane is displayed after clicking the Options  button.




Map Provider

Determines which Map Provider should be used for providing Map tiles.

Initially only a single map provider is defined, but more can be added by modifying the configuration.

Show Shapes

Determines whether shapes will be displayed. Turned on by default.

Min Radius

The minimum radius in pixels of the data point.

Max Radius

The maximum radius in pixels of the scatter point.

Show Line

Determines whether to plot lines between two positions on the map. Enables the Line, Line Color, and Line Color properties.


Two ways to plot the line:

·         Rhumb Lines – straight lines.

·         Great Circle Arc – curve between dots showing the path over the earth spherical surface.

Line Width

Width of the plot line.

Line Color

Color of the plot line:

·         Use Variable - colors can be specified for the elements in the visualization through the Color variable.

·         Custom Color – displays the Custom Color section.

To define the Custom Color, you can do one of the following:

o    Click the Color box to display the Color dialog and set the Hex color code, RGB, or HSL value.

Enter the Hex color code.

Enter the HTML color name.

Show Arrows

Determines whether to display arrows to indicate where lines start and end.

Arrow Offset

Where the arrows will be positioned in the lines

·         0 - start

·         0.5 - middle

·         1 - end

Show Labels

Determines whether labels will be displayed.

Label Mode

Enabled when Show Labels is checked. This property determines how data point labels are shown.  Values can be:

·         Distinguishable

·         All


The shape of the scatter point.  This can be:

·         Filled Circle

·         Filled Square

·       Use Variable - shapes can be specified for the elements in the visualization through the Shape variable.

Show Borders

Determines whether a border is drawn around each data point.

Keep Zoom and Pan

Determines whether the saved zoom and pan state on data refresh and initial dashboard load are kept.

Show Zoom Levels

Determines whether a zoom level indicator should be displayed on the Map Plot.

Max Zoom Level

The maximum zoom to be applied when there is a single data point, rather than a collection, so a latitude / longitude bounding box cannot be established.