Altair® Panopticon


General Colors and Shared Single Configuration

For the Table, Record Graph, Time Combination, Numeric Combination and Text Combination visualizations, instead of associating data table columns to the Color variable, you can modify the default General Colors and Shared Single settings.





1.     Click the Color  button.

2.     Click General Colors to expand.


3.     Select the General Colors such as the axis, background, border, and focus colors, that will be used in the visualization.

4.     Click Shared Single to expand.

These are the single colors that will be shared in a workbook for:

·         Records in Table and Record visualizations for the background, text, or shape

·         Visual members in Combination visualizations for the background or text

By default, the color is set to .


5.     To edit the color palettes, click the Palette drop-down list and  .

The available light and medium single colors are displayed. Note that they are all included and cannot be deleted.

6.     You may opt to uncheck any of the Include boxes to exclude them in the single color palette options

7.     Click on a single color option to set it as the palette.


8.     You can also opt to click:




To add a new single color palette.


To set a single color palette as the default.

NOTE: The default cannot be deleted.

To modify the single color palette.

To create a duplicate. Can be modified to create a new one.

To delete new or duplicate single color palettes.


9.     Click the Save  icon on the toolbar.

When saved, the  notification is displayed.