Altair® Panopticon


Visualization Title Rows


Allows you to add multiple title rows in the visualization. In addition to data-driven dashboard parameters, the Title can contain an informative summary and/or single KPI values on rows below the first row such as below:



1.      Enter the visualization’s Title, if needed.


You can also opt not have a visualization title. Click  to delete. Consequently, this would hide the entire title bar. This is recommended when creating small graphs.


2.      To add more titles, click .


Then enter the Title.

For each title row, a corresponding Title Row section is added in the Style pane.


3.      To set the style of the visualization title rows, click Style .

The page updates to display the Style pane.


4.      For all title rows, set the Foreground, Background, Alignment, Font type, style, style (Bold and/or Italic) in the Title section.


5.      You can opt to set these properties for each row in the corresponding Title Row sections.