Altair® Panopticon


Calculation Aggregation

Calculation aggregation is sometimes needed with calculated columns.

If the Calculation aggregate is used, any calculated columns will be re-executed up the hierarchy, so that the calculation is done on group-level aggregates instead of row-level values. Furthermore, each term in the calculation will be summed by default, but this can be controlled if a different aggregation is needed.

The aggregation applied to each column included in the calculation expression can be specified using the following syntax:


For example:


[exposure]/[risklimit:mean] also has the same result since no aggregation specified defaults to sum



Most of the Panopticon aggregation methods are supported, except those that involve more than one column.


You can specify any of the following functions:

q  abs

q  abssum

q  count

q  countdistinct

q  countnonzero

q  harmonicmean

q  level

q  max

q  mean

q  min

q  neg

q  percentofweightparent

q  percentoftotalreference

q  pos

q  product

q  siblingrank

q  stdev

q  stdevp

q  sum