In this window, the user can create a set of observation points laid out in a grid pattern. To do so, the user needs to specify several parameters:

  • Name A short name that will be used by the user to identify the created set of observation points.
  • Constant axis The normal axis of the plane that will contain the grid of observation points.
  • Coordinate value Value of the coordinate of the axis specified in the previous option.

For each of the axes different than the one selected in the "Constant axis" drop-down list, the user needs to specify the following parameters:

  • Initial value Initial value of the coordinate along each axis.
  • Total size The total length of the grid of observation points along the axis.
  • Number of points The number of observation points along the axis.

Note The spacing between each pair of consecutive observation points along an axis will be given by the formula spacing = (total size) / (number of points - 1). This value will be shown next to the label "Distance btw. points".

Figure 1. New Plane parameters