Directives are special commands that configure the way simulations are run, rather than the simulations themselves. In this sections, the different directives are described:

Directive @version

Description Specifies the version of the NFIL file format used. This directive is intended to be used for backwards-compatiblity reasons. At the moment, it should be passed the argument "1".

@version 1

Directive @set_module

Description Sets the module of the simulation. Currently, only US module simulations are supported.

Arguments This directive only takes one argument the name of the module that will be used.

@set_module us

Directive @log

Description Allows to configure the logging of messages during the simulation.

Arguments The first argument can be "off" if the user does not need logging, "stdout" if the user wants to see the messages of the simulation in the standard output, or "file" if the user wants to output messages to a file. If the first argument is "file", the directive will accept an additional argument specifying the path to the output log file.

@log off
@log stdout
@log file log.txt

Directive @output_nfp

Description Allows the creation of a NFP (newFASANT project) file containing the generated simulation. This NFP can later be opened with the newFASANT GUI. This functionality is intended to be used with debugging or troubleshooting purposes, as the generation of the NFP project file takes some time.

Arguments This directive only takes one argument either "off" if the user wants to disable this functionality (although it is disabled by default) or the path to the resulting NFP file.


@output_nfp off 
@output_nfp project.nfp