This command creates a new chaff of dipoles with ellipsoidal cloud shape. This command is only available when using the Chaff module.

Inline mode usage

ellipsoidalChaff -h
Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
ellipsoidalChaff <center_x> <center_y> <center_z> <radius_x> <radius_y> <radius_z> <number_dipoles> <dipole_radius> <min_length> <max_length>
Creates a new ellipsoidal-shaped (with the given radius and center) dipole chaff, each one with a specified dipole radius and a length between the given limits.

Interactive mode usage

  • Center point: x y z.
  • Radius X.
  • Radius Y.
  • Radius Z.
  • Number of dipoles: dipoles
  • Radius of the dipoles: radius_dipoles.
  • Minimum length of dipoles: min_dipoles.
  • Maximum length of dipoles: max_dipoles.


> ellipsoidalChaff
Center Point [x y z]: 0 0 0
Radius X [double]: 1
Radius Y [double]: 0.5
Radius Z [double]: 0.25
Number of dipoles [integer]: 300
Radius of the dipoles [double]: 300E-6
Minimum length of the dipoles [double]: 15E-3
Maximum length of the dipoles [double]: 15E-3


Figure 1. Resulting ellipsoidal chaff