Creates a new chaff with the shape of a selected object. An object from the geometry must be selected before executing this command. This command is only available when using the Chaff module.

Inline mode usage

customChaff -h
Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
<number_dipoles> <dipole_radius> <min_length> <max_length> Creates a new chaff with the specified parameters.

Interactive mode usage

  • Number of dipoles: dipoles
  • Radius of the dipoles: radius_dipoles.
  • Minimum length of dipoles: min_dipoles.
  • Maximum length of dipole:s max_dipoles.


First, a geometry is created in order to specify the shape of the chaff cloud:
> cone -c
Select center [x y z] 0 0 0
Bottom radius [double] 1
Height [double] 2.5
Top radius [double] 0
Next, select the recently created cone.
Number of dipoles [integer] 300
Radius of the dipoles [double] 300E-06
Minimum length of the dipoles [double] 15E-03
Maximum length of the dipoles [double] 15E-03


Figure 1. Resulting custom chaff