Uploading Files

To start working with your data in RMSClient, upload the necessary files on My Home Page.

To activate the Add Files area either:

  • Drag the file over the My Home Page.

  • Click the Add button inside any pane present on the page.

The Add Files area will appear.


To upload a file, either:

  • Drop the file into the Add Files area.

  • Click Add files... and select the file via the your browser's file selection dialog.

The files will appear inside the Add Files area.


The files are automatically assigned a certain type such as Report, Template or Model. It is also possible to assign a type manually by selecting from the drop-down menu. Unnecessary files that were uploaded can be deleted by clicking the close_grey button.

The Add Files area contains the following controls:

  • Save: Saves uploaded files.

  • Cancel: Returns to My Home Page without saving the uploaded files.

  • Clear or Delete All Files: Deletes the uploaded files without returning to My Home Page.








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